An Initiative by Sister Nivedita University, School of Engineering
visit us @snuniv.ac.in!


#!Rules & Regulations

Requirements to Enter

  • Access to Internet
  • A Valid Email Adress.

How to Enter

  • On the day of the contest, 17sth May 2020,
    Login if you're not already logged-in and you are all set to go!


  • Digital Certificate of participation for all.

  • Distinctive Certificate for Top 3 participants.
  • Write-Up on CSBS Blog page for top 3 participants.
  • Entry to Rootkit 2020 [#!SHEBANG Finals]!

  • Winner get endorsed on #!SHEBANG’s page.
  • Winner gets endorsed on CSBS Facebook page.
  • Free entry to RootKit 2020 for winner!


  • There is a total of 5 problem statements [Sorted by Difficulty].
  • Sample input / output will be provided.
  • Unique input dataset will be provided for every participants.
  • Problems can be solved using any programming language of your choice.

  • Submissions:
  • Output file size limit [ 3KB ].
  • Only a single submission is accepted per question.
  • If you are among the top participants at the time of your final submission,
    you're also required to submit a zip file containing the source code
    of all the questions attempted.

  • While submiting a zip file the following points must be kept in mind:
  • Obfuscated code, plagiarize, and fork bombed code are not allowed.
  • The zip file not be password protected or encrypted.

Marking Scheme

  • Question 1 & question 2 will contain 150 points each.
  • Question 3 & question 4 will contain 300 points each.
  • Question 5 will contain 450 points

  • Total points will keep on decreasing, in the following pattern:
  • For question 1 & question 2 1 point will decrease per minute.
  • For question 3 & question 4 2 point will decrease per minute.
  • For question 5 3 point will decrease per minute.
  • Wrong attempt will fetch 0 points with NO negative marking.

Contest Structure

  • Duration 2.5 hours
  • Submissions: Output file must be submitted in .txt format
  • Leaderboard will be activated right after the first submission
    and the names and scores of top 5 contestents will be displayed at all times
  • Once the contest ends, a scoreboard containing marks obtained by each participant
    along with solutions[code] for all the problems will be made public!